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Nordic S

Ventilation Heat Recovery Unit

Ideal ventilation unit for your house

Easily controlled via app. Highly hygienic F7 filtration and healthy durable materials. Very quiet and energy efficient.

Unique Reel System

Designed for easy cleaning and unit life for a minimum of 30 years.

Lowest Sound Levels

Flexit residential units are designed to be perfectly silent. Sound is trapped in a sound-insulated metal construction.

Energy Efficient in Nordic Climate

Saves energy when you need it most. Effective in cold winter Nordic temperatures without limitation.

Operational and Service Friendly

Flexit Nordic S is easily disassembled for cleaning or service purposes. Filters and spare parts are accessible without difficulty.

Control via App and Cloud Services

Unit is controlled through Flexit GO app from a phone. Cloud services including history and lifetime remote support is a standard as well.

Nordic S in Numbers

90 %

temperature efficiency

80 %

recovered humidity from extract air

32 dB

sound emitted to surrounding


highly effective F7 filters


unfreezing up to -25

Cloud control
Flexit GO

Flexit GO app allows you to control temperatures, ventilation mode and other settings of your unit remotely using your phone or any other device.

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Optional Accessories

Improve indoor air quality using optional wireless and cable sensors monitoring humidity or CO2 levels. 

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