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Indoor climate central

Ecological Refrigerant

The most ecological and effective CO2 refrigerant with GWP 1.

App & Cloud

Unit is controlled through Flexit GO app from a phone. Cloud services including history and lifetime remote support is a standard as well.

Nordic Climate Efficient

Heating and hot water up to 65℃ with good efficiency optimised for Nordic climate. Functions up to -25℃ without difficulty.

3 in 1 Indoor Unit

Ventilation, heating, and hot tap water preparation in one device without outter unit. Installed in a technical room or a cupboard.

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Final nice boiler room

The device has a free space inside so that you can hide other equipment of your technical part of the house there.

Cloud control
Flexit GO

Flexit GO app allows you to control temperatures, ventilation mode and other settings of your unit remotely using your phone or any other device.

EcoNordic in Numbers


effective hot water and heating in freezing temperatures

80 %

humidity recovered from extract air


most ecological refrigerator

Optional Accessories

Improve indoor air quality using optional wireless and cable sensors monitoring humidity or CO2 levels. 

World SCOP Record

The best measured sCOP in its class heating water from 10℃ to 65℃. Coolant medium CO2 reaches temperature 110℃ at pressing. Its environmental load is only 1 GWP

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